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Esta es una prueba escrita para evaluar el nivel INTERMEDIO ALTO en el idioma inglés. Si usted queda ubicado en este nivel nosotros le estaremos enviando por correo toda la información información de nuestros cursos.

Por favor complete la siguiente información:

1. Nombre:  
2. Provincia y ciudad:  
3. Correo electrónico:  
4. Teléfono celular:  
5. Teléfono de la casa (opcional)  
6. Teléfono del trabajo (opcional)  

Si es mayor de edad complete lo siguiente:

1. Padre, madre o encargado:  
2. Teléfono:  
3. Correo electrónico:  

1- What are Martha and Jim doing? They are cleaning the garage __________.


a. by themselves  

b. by ourselves  

c. by theirselves  

d. by itself  

2- Why are you and Mary so nervous? I have a final exam, and __________.


a. so has she  

b. she has too  

c. so does she  

d. she too  

3- __________ did your mother cut herself?


a. Who  

b. Where  

c. How  

d. Whose  

4- Why did you and your husband move downtown? I didn`t like the suburbs, and __________.


a. he didn`t too  

b. neither didn`t he  

c. either did he  

d. he didn`t either  

5- Have you run into Mr. Clark recently? Yes, I have. I__________ yesterday?


a. ran him into  

b. ran into him  

c. run into him  

d. run him into  

6- Do you know how to ride horses? Yes, I've __________ horses for years.


a. ride  

b. rode  

c. riding  

d. ridden  

7- __________ she ever seen that movie? No, she saw a different one.


a. Haven't.  

b. Did  

c. Has  

d. Does  

8- Everybody thinks I __________ my mother.


a. look through  

b. get over  

c. fill out  

d. take after  

9- How long have they owned that car? __________ they got married.


a. for  

b. when  

c. after  

d. since  

10- How long has your neighbor's dog __________ barking?


a. has  

b. is  

c. was  

d. been  

11- How many letters have you written? Believe  it or not, I've __________ written 20 letters today.  


a. already  

b. yet  

c. never  

d. ever  

12- Do you like to browse the web? Oh, yeah. I enjoy __________ the web every day.


a. browsed  

b. browsing  

c. to browsing  

d. browses  

13- I learned __________ when I was in high school.


a. swimming  

b. swam  

c. to swim  

d. was swimming  

14- Why didn't you have pizza last night? Because I __________ pizza the night before.


a. eaten  

b. have eaten  

c. am eating  

d. had eaten  

15- John had another heart attack. It's a shame because he had __________ well for a long time.


a. been felt  

b. been feeling  

c. being feeling  

d. was feeling  

16- This is my dog. It is _______.


a- yours  

b- his  

c- hers  

d- mine  

17- Alejandro and Rosario have a big house. It is ________.


a- theirs  

b- yours  

c- his  

d- ours  

18- When are you going to ________ your college application forms?


a- take down  

b- hang up  

c- turn on  

d- fill out  

19- Pedro has been working in Syria ________ last year.


a- for  

b- since  

c- in  

d- on  

20- Yesterday I ________ a new pair of shoes.


a- keeped  

b- looked  

c- bought  

d- have  

Si usted obtuvo una nota de 70 o mayor continue con la siguiente prueba: NIVEL AVANZADO. De lo contrario, le recomendamos tomar el curso INTERMEDIO ALTO. Sin embargo, antes de matricularse, usted debe de realizar primero la prueba de ubicación oral, la cual se hace con cita previa y no tiene ningún costo.


Para comprender mejor la evaluación:
Indica que la opción elegida por usted es correcta
Indica cual fue la opción elegida por usted
Indica que la opción elegida por usted es incorrecta


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