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Esta es una prueba escrita para evaluar su nivel de inglés en nuestro curso ADVANCED CONVERSATIONAL ENGLISH.

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1- Do you remember what color hair __________?


a. did he have

b. does he have

c. he have

d. he had

2- Did your sister dance well at the audition? No, she __________ danced better.


a. will have

b. will has

c. would have

d. should have

3- I wonder why she hasn't called. She __________ gone to the bank.


a. should has

b. might have

c. might has

d. would has

4- This is a great pizza. I think it __________ by my daughter.


a. were baked

b. was baking

c. has baked

d. was baked

5- If Martha __________ the bus, she wouldn`t__________ late for work.


a. have missed / have be

b. missed / been

c. hadn`t missed / have been

d. had missed / has been

6-  Timmy has gone to bed, __________ he?


a- doesn`t

b. hasn´t

c. won`t

d. gone

7- English __________ in all the schools nowadays.


a. should spoken

b. should being spoken

c. should be spoken

d. should been spoken

8- I don't remember  when ____________.


a. does the movie begin

b. the movie begins

c. begins the movie

d. the movie does begins

9- I wish it __________ so hard yesterday. I got  wet!


a. hadn`t rained

b. rained

c. had rained

d. didn`t rain

10- I hope the teacher __________ us a quiz today.


a. doesn't give

b. not give

c. not gives

d. don't give

11. If the economy gets worse, I ____________ to find a second job.


a- will probably have

b- will probably has

c- might to have

d- would has

12. I am on time, __________ I.


a- wasn't

b- weren't

c- aren´t

d- isn't

13. If I _____________ you, I wouldn't get married.


a- was

b- were

c- am

d- been

14. If she ____________ it was going to rain, she would have taken her umbrella.


a- knew

b- have known

c- has known

d- had known

15. "Don't worry". He told me ______________ worry about the company.


a- not to

b- do not

c- did not

d- to not

16. Does Mike work here? Do you know if ______________?


a- Mike work here

b- Mike works here

c- Mike working here

d- Mike does work here

17. When I was young I lived in Miami. I wish I _______________ in California.


a- had living

b- have lived

c- had lived

d- lived

18. I hope it's sunny tomorrow.   Why?    If it's sunny tomorrow, we'll be able _______________.


a- go to the beach

b- to go to the beach

c- go the beach

d- going to the beach

19. If she didn't work so hard, she ____________________.


a- will be successful

b- would be successful

c- wouldn't be successful

d- won't be successful

20. "Call us after one o'clock". John's parents told him ____________________.


a. called us after one o'clock

b- called them after one o'clock

c- to call us after one o'clock

d- to call them after one o'clock

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Indica que la opción elegida por usted es incorrecta
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