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Esta es una prueba escrita para evaluar su nivel de inglés en nuestro curso BASIC CONVERSATIONAL ENGLISH.

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Where are you from? I'm _________ Costa Rica.


a- to

b- in

c- from

d- at

Where is John? He ________ in the park.


a- are

b- were

c- am

d- is

What are they doing? They are ____________ breakfast.


a- having

b- drinking

c- taking

d- watching

Where is the mechanic? He's in _________ garage.


a- into

b- in

c- on

d- from

Are you a good doctor? Yes, ______________.


a- I'm

b- I am

c- We are

d- He is

How's the weather today? It's ______________.


a- sun

b- cloudy

c- rain

d- well

Is there a refrigerator in the house? No, _____________.


a- it isn't

b- it is

c- there is

d- there isn't

Where does she work? She ___________ at Atitlán.


a- work

b- works

c- working

d- go to

Does Mr. Thomas play soccer on Monday? Yes, he __________.


a- does

b- play soccer.

c- is

d- do

How often does your sister bathe the dog? She bathes ________ every week.


a- he

c- it

d- she

d- they

Why is she eating? __________ eating because she's hungry.


a- She's

b- She has

c- She

d- She

Can you cook? No, I ___________.


a- do

b- don't

c- can

d- can't

What's Sara going to do this week? She ________________ the beach.


a- goes

b- going to

c- is going to

d- went

What did you do yesterday? I __________ the piano.


a- playing

b- play

c- plays

d- played

Did you take the subway this morning? No, I __________ the bus.


a- take

b- took

c- taking

d- did took

Did you sleep well last night? Yes, I did. I  ___________ tired.


a- was

b- wasn't

c- slept

d- didn't sleep

The mother´s father is my ___________.


a- uncle

b- father

c- grandfather

d- grandmother

Susan usually ___________ in the cafeteria.


a- eat lunch

b- eats lunch

c- eating lunch

d- sleep

The refrigerator usually is in the _____________.


a- yard

b- bedroom

c- kitchen

d- chicken

___________ Mr. García work on the weekend?


a- Is

b- Do

c- Does

d- Are

Excuse me. I think __________ is my jacket.


a- they

b- that

c- these

d- those

___________ name is Leonora.


a. She

b- Her

c- She's

d- Their

Mary ___________ her hair every night.


a- brush

b- brushes

c- is brushing

d- were brushing

I __________ hamburgers for my friends yesterday.


a- was cooked

b- cooked

c- were cook

d- did cooked

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