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Esta es una prueba escrita para evaluar su nivel de inglés en nuestro curso BASIC CONVERSATIONAL ENGLISH.

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1- Where are you from? I'm ________ Costa Rica.


a. in

b. from

c. to

d. at

2- Where is John? He ________ in the park.


a. am

b. are

c. is

d. were

3- What are they doing? They are ________ breakfast.


a. eat

b. having

c. drink

d. taking

4- Where is the mechanic? He's in ________ garage.


a. an

b. they

c. his

d. its

5- Are you a good doctor? Yes, ________


a. I'm

b. we are

c. they are

d. I am

6- How's the weather today? It's ________


a. sun

b. rainy

c. rained

d. snow

7- Is there a refrigerator in the house? No, ________


a. there isn't

b. is not

c. there aren't

d. it isn't

8- Is this your watch? No, ________ my watch.


a. this isn't

b. there isn't

c. those are

d. isn't

9- Where does she work? She ________ at Atitlán.


a. work

b. does work

c. works

d. works at

10- Does Mr. Thomas play soccer on Monday? Yes, he ________


a. do

b. does plays

c. doesn't

d. does

11- How often does your sister bathe the dog? She bathes ________.


a. it in the house

b. it every week

c. it well

d. always it

12- Why is she eating? ________ eating because she's hungry.


a. She has

b. She's

c. It's

d. She have

13- Can you cook? No, I ________


a. can

b. can't

c. have

d. haven't

14. What's Sara going to do this week? She ________ the beach.


a. has going to

b. have going to

c. is going to

d. going to

15- What did you do yesterday? I ________ the piano.


a. play

b. played

c. playing

d. listened

16- Did you take the subway this morning? No, I _______ the bus.


a- did

b- taked

c- took

d- ride

17- Did you sleep well last night? Yes, I did. I _______ tired.


a- were

b- was

c- wasn't

d- won't

18- The father of my mother is my __________.


a- uncle

b- brother

c- grandfather

d- cousin

19- Susan usually ________ in the cafeteria.


a- eat

b- jogs

c- eats

d- fix

20- Jacob likes to make snowmen in the ________.


a- summer

b- Tuesday

c- winter

d- tomorrow

21- _________ Mr. Garcia work on the weekend?


a- Do

b- Is

c- Does

d- Was

22- Excuse me. I think ________ is my jacket.


a- those

b- them

c- that

d- these

23- _________ name is Leonora.


a- Their

b- We

c- His

d- Her

24- Susan _______ her hair every night.


a- dances

b- washes

c- calls

d- writes

25- I ________ yesterday.


a- work

b- worked

c- working

d- will work

Si usted obtuvo una nota de 70 o mayor le recomendamos continuar con la prueba del siguiente curso:  INTERMEDIATE CONVERSATIONAL ENGLISH.

Para ingresar a un nivel que no sea el básico, usted debe solicitar hacer el examen de ubicación oral, el cual no tiene ningún costo y se realiza por ZOOM.


Para comprender mejor la evaluación:
Indica que la opción elegida por usted es correcta
Indica cual fue la opción elegida por usted
Indica que la opción elegida por usted es incorrecta
Indica cual es la respuesta correcta <---- Correct option


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