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Esta es una prueba escrita para evaluar su nivel de inglés en nuestro curso INTERMEDIATE CONVERSATIONAL ENGLISH.

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What did your grandparents give you for your birthday? They _____________ a watch.


a- give we

b- give me

c- gave me

d- gived me

What are you going to buy? Two ___________ of whole wheat bread.


a- loaf

b- loaves

c- bunches

d- bottles

My pronunciation isn't as good as Betty's. ____________ is much better.


a- She's

b- Her

c- Hers

d- It's

How much coffee do you want? Not too much. Just _____________.


a- a little

b. a few

c- not too many

d- a fews

Will the party begin soon? Yes, it _________.


a- is

b- does

c- won't

d- will

How can I get to the zoo? _________ West Side Bus and get _________ at Park Road.


a- Take the - in

b. Get the - on

c- Take the - off

d- Take the - out

You should buy a bicycle because bicycles are __________ than motorcycles.


a- safe

b- safer

c- more safer

d- good

I think your sister is ___________ person I know.


a- the smartest

b- the most smart

c- smarter

d- more smart

What were you doing last night? I was ___________ the newspaper.


a- read

b- reads

c- did read

d- reading

I think Howard speaks too softly. He should speak ___________.


a- louder

b- most loud

c- soft

d- softer

Could Peter go to the beach? No, he _________ go to the beach.


a- not could

b- couldn't

c- didn´t can

d- can't

Was Noelia able to finish her homework? No, she __________ able to. It was too difficult.


a. doesn´t

b- isn't

c- couldn´t

d- wasn't

What must you do to lose weight? You _________ eat as much ice cream as you did before.


a- might not

b- must

c- musn't

d- couldn´t

I have a cold. What should I do? You __________ drink some hot tea.


a- should

b- have

c- would

d- were

Will you be home this evening? Yes, I will. ___________ reading.


a- be

b- I will

c- I'll

d- I'll be

John can get dressed by ____________.


a- hisself

b- himself

c- him

d- his

The book belongs to me. It is _____________.


a- our

b- my

c- mine

d- myself

San José is the ____________ city in Costa Rica.


a- biggest

b- bigger

c- most big

d- smaller

You should work ____________.


a- more fast

b- faster

c- gooder

d- more good

Yesterday John ___________ to the movies by himself.


a- going

b- go

c- goes

d- went

Jessica ____________ to play the piano.


a- is going

b- will

c- goes

d- go

Apples ___________ very expensive this week.


a- is

b- are

c- will

d- it's

Will you come home soon?


a- Yes, I do

b- Yes, I did

c- Yes, I will.

d- Yes, I'll.

John is the ____________ in the class.


a- smarter student

b- smartest student

c- the small student

d- the taller student

It's easy to get __________ the zoo from here.


a- by

b- to

c- from

d- off

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