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Esta es una prueba escrita para evaluar su nivel de inglés en nuestro curso INTERMEDIATE CONVERSATIONAL ENGLISH.

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1- What did your parents give you for your birthday?  They __________ a watch.


a. give us

b. gives me

c. gave me

d. gave them

2- What are you going to buy? Two  _________ of whole wheat bread.


a. loaf

b. bunches

c. jars

d. loaves

3- My pronunciation isn`t as good as Betty`s.  ________ is much better!


a. her

b. hers

c. mine

d. his

4- How much coffee do you want? Not too much. Just __________


a. a few

b. a little

c. many

d. much

5- Will the party begin soon? Yes, it _________


a. will

b. is

c. did

d. won't

6- How can I get to the zoo?  _________ West Side Bus and get ____ at Park Road.


a. take / off

b. turn / on

c. take / on

d. walk / off

7- You should buy a bicycle because bicycles are _________ than motorcycles.


a. safer

b. more safer

c. more safe

d. more safest

8- I think your sister is __________ person I know.


a. the smartest

b. the most smartes

c. the smart

d. the most smart

9- What were you doing last night? I was _________ the newspaper.


a. to read

b. read

c. reading

d. readed

10- I think Howard speaks too softly.  He should speak _________ .


a. softer

b. more louder

c. louder

d. more softly

11- Could Peter go to the beach? No, he _________ go to the beach.


a. could

b. could to

c. couldn't

d. didn't can

12- Was Noelia able to finish her homework? No, she _________ able to. It was too difficult.


a. weren't

b. were

c. wasn't

d. wasn't to

13- What must you do to lose weight? You _________ eat as much ice cream as you did before.


a. must

b. mustn't

c. can't to

d. won't

14- I have a cold. What should I do? You _________ drink some hot tea. 


a. should

b. will

c. shall

d. would

15- Will you be home this evening? Yes, I will. _________ reading.


a. It'll

b. I'll be

c. I be

d. I am going to

16- John can get dressed by __________.


a- herself

b- themselves

c- himself

d- itself

17- The book belongs to me. It is ________.


a- yours

b- his

c- theirs

d- mine

18- San Jose is the ________ city in Costa Rica.


a- big

b- small

c- biggest

d- most small

19- You should work ________.


a- faster

b- good

c- careful

d- beautiful

20- Yesterday John ________ to the movies by himself.


a- go

b- like

c- see

d- went

21- Irene ________ to play the piano.


a- go

b- likes

c- going

d- like

22- Apples ________ very expensive this week.


a- is

b- are

c- was

d- had

23- Will you come home soon?


a- Yes, I won't

b- Yes, I will

c- Yes, she will

d- Yes, they will

24- John is the __________ in the class.


a- happy

b- smartest

c- smart

d- energetic

25- It's easy to get ______ the zoo from here.


a- to

b- at

c- of

d- on

Si usted obtuvo una nota de 70 o mayor le recomendamos continuar con la prueba del siguiente curso:  HIGH-INTERMEDIATE CONVERSATIONAL ENGLISH.

Para ingresar a un nivel que no sea el básico, usted puede solicitar hacer el examen de ubicación oral, el cual no tiene ningún costo y se realiza por ZOOM.


Para comprender mejor la evaluación:
Indica que la opción elegida por usted es correcta
Indica cual fue la opción elegida por usted
Indica que la opción elegida por usted es incorrecta
Indica cual es la respuesta correcta <---- Correct option


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